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The following technical analysis & charting algorithms are available to download free of charge, subject to the terms of our disclaimer statement.

Some of these indicators may be useful for improving the quality of information provided by your technical analysis & charting software.  

However, the main purpose of these files is so that our clients can perform their own back-testing to appreciate the historical performance of "mainstream" technical analysis strategies.  


As we discuss in more detail under "Charting Myths", our fund is a long-time user of technical analysis & charting.  It is a daily component of our portfolio management and risk mitigation strategies.  

However, it is important to always keep in mind that the vast majority of technical analysis techniques discussed in textbooks and online forums - not to mention on financial TV (e.g. Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, etc) - might sound rather intuitive, but they do not always stand up to serious scrutiny when applied to historical data.  They also have a tendency to blame the trader for poor results, suggesting that "emotions", "lack of discipline" and "failure to study losing trades" for why the straegy did not work.

However, when applying historical data to many of these trading & investing strategies it becomes clear that the biggest problem with a large number of these strategies is that they are incapable of generating profits.

The burden of paying Helpers may cause American equity investors, overall, to earn only 80 percent or so of what they would earn if they just sat still and listened to no one
— Warren Buffett

Many of the attached files were created by Lateral Capital Management, Inc. in TradeStation using "easyLanguage".  We have provided the code in text files (.txt) so that you do not need a TradeStation account to open the files and so that you can adapt the logic in the code to other trading platforms.  

For any of the files, below, that are in easyLanguage (.eld files), you could try using the MultiCharts PowerLanguage Editor which offers a free trial download.  TradeStation no longer offers a free trial download period.

For more information on the pros and cons of technical analysis, please see the "Charting Myths" page on this website, or for a deep-dive on the topic, go to

Overview of Algorithm Categories

Technical analysis Indicators

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Moving Averages



Trading Strategies


C.A.N. S.L.I.M.   ---   Investors Business Daily  

Virtue of Selfish investing   ---   O'Neil Disciples

Top Dog Trading

Trendline Breakout

Note: easyLanguage requires you to input the trendline identification "number" which can make this strategy time intensive.  

The algorithm may be more useful as a forward-looking automated trading strategy, rather than using it for backtesting