Video Summary of "Negotiating Merger Premiums" Article Now Available


  • The legal approval process has finally been completed!
  • A video summary of our SA article on "The Challenges of Negotiating Merger Premiums" is now available on YouTube.

YouTube Links

If you prefer watching videos over reading text, and/or if you would have preferred an abbreviated version of the original SA article, you can now view a video summary on YouTube.

The YouTube video summary is accessible from this link:

Or by searching YouTube for either "Lateral Capital Management" or "Negotiating Merger Premiums".

We are also in the process of uploading shorter videos containing portions of the entire article for viewers who are only interested in certain topics (e.g. Divesting Unregulated Operations will have its own stand-alone video). 

However, we cannot make any promises on the timing of those shorter-video uploads as they are still working their way through the legal review process.

The original SA written article can still be accessed here: